A story

I am Agathe, PIERAPLUME fabric designer!
                                     I sew with traditionnal or handmade fabrics found during my travels around the world
Welcome to PIERAPLUME 's Website!

The concept flourished in my mind during a long term trip in Asia where I met people as nice as talented!
All these skills of weavers, tanners, printers, embroiderers that I discovered made me want to work with these unique fabrics.
That's why when I came back, my backpacks full of these wonders, I decided to create all kind of accessories; sometimes by weaving these fabrics, sometimes by diverting the traditional use of clothes!
You will find the creation, with the country of origin of the fabric and the collection it is part of. I travel often to find new wonders so do not hesitate to come back to discover the future collections!

Pieraplume on video